Fateh Shergill Dead End song mp3 download

Dead End Fateh Shergill song download pendujatt

Dead End

Fateh Shergill,

26 Aug 2020

1. Dead End

Total 1 Song 3:26 Minute
Released on 26 Aug 2020
Music by Hammy Mangat
Lyrics by Fateh Shergill
Copyright © Folk Rakaat

Info: Dead End song mp3 download, Fateh Shergill new song ipendujatt from Dead End album Dead End initial broadcast on 26 Aug 2020. This track musical art given by Hammy Mangat. Where the lyrics of song Dead End panned by one and only lyricist Fateh Shergill. Dead End Lyrics mp3 and video download Copyright Owner is Folk Rakaat.

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